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Posting Tests

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1 Posting Tests on Mon Aug 04, 2014 11:55 am

If you want to post Tests the please follow these Guidelines.

First type your deck along with their Attributes and G's.

For example:
Pyrus Neo Dragonoid* 350 G
Haos Tigrerra
Darkus Razenoid** 850, 650, 950 G

*Every Part of there name because there may be multiples of that Bakugan
**If it's a roller post every single one of the G's.

Next post your Abilities and Gate Cards. Also post what they do! Even type their Description if you really want to help.

Now post the other Deck that you test against in the same format.

Next up you can post the test like this.

Turn 1: Roll Razenoid Miss
Turn 1A: Sets Gate and Rolls Hydranoid Lands on Gate.

And so on! Now get testing and post all questions below ,

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