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[Selling] Sky & Gaia Dragonoid, Tremblar, Razenoid, and more!

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Twinstar's selling thread


  • All offers must be made through PM.
  • I only accept Paypal.
  • No Low-ball offers.
  • If you buy a Bakugan/Gear/whatever you will get the corresponding Ability if I have it.



  • Meta Dragonoid 600/650/800/850/850/900G
  • Abis Omega 530G
  • Quakix Gorem 850G
  • Spindle 480G
  • Deluxe Twin Destructor 130G
  • Hylash (Ventus/Darkus)
  • Sky & Gaia Dragonoid 680 + 70G


  • Cyclone Percival 900G
  • Quake Dragonoid 940G
  • Frost Black Mega Brontes 580G
  • Wolverine 950G
  • Frost Black Verias 510G
  • Spindle 640G


  • Linehalt 800G
  • Tremblar 920 + 100G
  • Jetro 650G
  • Monarus 480G
  • Merlitz 550/580/600/680/700/750G
  • Neo Dragonoid 500G
  • Viper Helios 480G
  • Translucent Coredem 750G


  • Plitheon 840G
  • Clawsaurus 740G
  • Altair 650?G
  • Color Flip Spindle 550G
  • Sirenoid 460G
  • Flash Ingram 750G


  • Skytruss 930G
  • Nemus 600G
  • El Condor 340G
  • Scraper 510G
  • Frost Black Moskeeto 650G
  • Frost Black Nemus 560G
  • Luxtor 800G


  • Razenoid 700/750/800/900G
  • Mutant Dragonoid 580 +190 + 130G
  • Jetro 750G
  • Myraid Hades 570G
  • Lockanoid 740G
  • Chance Dragonoid 450/530/600/670/730/820G

Clear & Misc.:

  • Hydros Carlsnaut (Pyrus)
  • Hydros Hylash (Haos/Darkus)
  • Silver Terrorcrest 60G
  • Gold Slingpike 50G
  • Clear Tigrerra 580G
  • Clear Helix Dragonoid 850G
  • Clear Rattleoid 530G


Gate Cards

  • Short Fuse x2 (C)
  • Spectral Mix x2 (G)
  • Drip (C)
  • Cu Steam (C)
  • Double Shot (G)
  • Power Ray (C)
  • Rickety Bridge (G)
  • Dead Zone (G)
  • Titanium Field (C)
  • Bells (S)
  • Weak Wind (S)
  • Steep Climb (S)
  • Small Gust (S)
  • VR Arena #9 x2(S)
  • Double Big (G)
  • Copper Axe (C)
  • Redirect (S)
  • Golden Shot (G)
  • Wolf Orb (C)
  • Void Ground (G)
  • VR Arena #10 (S)
  • Golden Lance (G)
  • Risk (G)
  • VR Arena #14 (S)
  • Calming Earth (C)
  • VR Arena #7 (S)
  • Wings of Water (G)
  • AG Plains (S)
  • Fire Swamp (S)
  • Golden Axe (G)


Ability Cards

  • Call of the Defenders (R)
  • Taking you with me (R)
  • Mirror Play x2 (R)
  • Water the Darkness (R)
  • Water Home (R)
  • Doom Wind Start (R)
  • Trapped! (R)
  • Marucho's Launcher (R)
  • Practice (R)
  • Stagger (R)
  • Dark Drop (G)
  • Darkus Hex (G)
  • Pain Relic (G)
  • Golden Wish (G)
  • Hammer Relic (G)
  • Mirror Element (G)
  • Silver Wish x2 (G)
  • Silver Doors (G)
  • Wash (G)
  • Dust Devil (G)
  • Weld Machine (B)
  • Double Night Wind (B)
  • Pyrus Invert (B)
  • Quick Boost (B)
  • Powder Keg (B)
  • Earth Help (B)
  • Fire Help (B)
  • Light Mana (B)
  • G-Power Surge (B)
  • Erosion (B)
  • G-Power Increase (B)
  • Copper Launcher (B)
  • Trap Slam (B)
  • Bathed in Light (B)
  • Cycloid Rescue (B)
  • Boulder Crush (B)
  • Dark Help (B)
  • Water Help (B)
  • Light Help (B)


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BUMP! Ability Cards have been added!

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bump. Anyone?

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How much are you willing to sell the LineHalt for?

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RagerBlade wrote:How much are you willing to sell the LineHalt for?  
PM me with offers.

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how much would u sell altair and helios

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augustus1000 wrote:how much would u sell altair and helios
Twinstar wrote:
PM me with offers.

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Bump? These and a bunch of others will be going up on eBay soon.

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Bump! Clear Lot has been sold! Check out myeBay link

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